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St. Mary's Menu


Have your tortilla grilled with either Manitoba flour or Manitoba whole wheat flour wrapped around your choice of filling with beans, rice and other tasty ingredients.

Add a scoop of guacamole $0.99

Molé Burrito (Ground Beef)

Regular $9.85
Large $11.99

Ground Chorizo Sausage (Pork) Burrito

Regular $9.85
Large $11.99

Carnitas (Pork) Burrito

Regular $9.85
Large $11.99

Barbacoa (Beef) Burrito

Regular $10.50
Large $12.50

Adobo Chicken Burrito

Regular $10.50
Large $12.50

Cheese and Bean Burrito

(double the cheese, double the beans)
Regular $8.85
Large $10.50

Rubbed and Roasted Tofu Burrito

Regular $9.85
Large $11.99

Veggie Burrito

Regular $8.85
Large $10.50

Fajita Burrito

Pork Carnitas, Chorizo Pork or Adobo Chicken with grilled onions and peppers instead of beans.
Regular $9.99 
Large $12.25

Barbacoa Beef - Add .50


For our tacos we use the finest, locally produced, gluten free, 6 inch soft corn tortillas. They come two per order and make a nice light meal but you can also order them individually.
Add a scoop of guacamole $0.99

$7.00Molé Tacos (Ground Beef

$6.75 Ground Chorizo Sausage Tacos

$7.75Splendid Fish Tacos

Seasonally available Manitoba pickerel prepared with ground spices, fresh cilantro and dried chilis.

$7.00Carnitas (Pork) Tacos

$7.75Barbacoa (Beef) Tacos

$7.25Adobo Chicken Tacos

$7.00Rubbed and Roasted Tofu Tacos

$3.75Individual Taco

$3.75 each
Barbacoa Beef $0.40 more


Fresh pressed whole wheat tortillas on two sides with grilled peppers and onions surrounded by the meltiest Cheddar and Monterey ever! Served with sour cream and salsa on the side.

$8.75Molé Quesadilla (Ground Beef)

$8.25Ground Chorizo Sausage (Pork) Quesadilla

$7.50Cheese Quesadilla

$8.75 Carnitas (Pork) Quesadilla

$9.25Barbacoa (Beef) Quesadilla

$9.00Adobo Chicken Quesadilla

$8.75Rubbed and Roasted Tofu Quesadilla

Salads - AKA: Burritos in a Bowl

Just like our signature Burritos, all of our Salads come with a selection of beans, rice and other tasty ingredients. Served without the fresh pressed tortilla, our salads come on a bed of crispy romaine lettuce drizzled with our Chili-Lime Vinaigrette.

Ground Chorizo Sausage (Pork) Salad

Regular $9.85
Large $11.99

Carnitas (Pork) Salad

Regular $9.85
Large $11.99

Barbacoa (Beef) Salad

Regular $10.50
Large $12.50

Molé Bowl (Ground Beef)

Regular $9.85
Large $11.99

Adobo Chicken Salad

Regular $9.85
Large $11.99

Rubbed and Roasted Tofu Salad

Regular $9.85
Large $11.99

Veggie Bowl

Regular $8.85
Large $10.50



Made with fresh vegetable stock, build a bowl of soup the way you like it, with a selection of beans, rice and other tasty ingredients.
Small $3.99
Large $5.99

Add your choice of Ground Chorizo Sausage (Pork), Carnitas (Pork), Rubbed and Roasted Tofu or Molé (Ground Beef) for $3.00 Add Barbacoa (Beef) or Chicken for $4.00

*These ingredients are held cold and may cool down the soup a bit.


$2.75Tortilla chips

$5.75Green Chili Queso Cheese Sauce and Chips

$5.75Chips and Guacamole

$4.25Chips with Salsa

$2.75Black Beans with Bacon

$0.992oz. Sour Cream

$2.504oz. Guacamole

$2.504oz. Green Chili Queso Cheese Sauce


$2.25Mexican Rice

$2.50Refried Beans


$2.60Aquafina Bottled Water 591ml

$2.60Pepsi Products 591ml Resealable Bottle

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Brisk Ice Tea, 7-Up 

$2.95Jarrito (Mexican Soda Pop)

Seasonal Flavours including Mango, Lime, Pineapple and Fruit Punch

$2.60Dole Apple or Orange Juice

450ml Resealable Bottle

Kid's Menu

10 & Under
Served with chips and choice of side sour cream or side mild salsa

$5.49Kids Burrito

Choice of: Beef, Chicken or Pork
Served with Shredded Cheese, Lettuce, Mild Salsa or Sour Cream.

$5.49Kids Taco

Choice of: Beef, Chicken or Pork
Served with: Shredded Cheese, Lettuce, Mild Salsa and Sour Cream.

$5.49Kids Quesadilla

Choice of: Beef, Chicken, Pork or Cheese.
Served with Onions and Peppers.

Sweet Endings

$0.95Fresh Baked Cookies

Smartie Cookie
Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate Chili Cookie
Oatmeal Raisin Maple Cookie